Science Museum Supports Polio Eradication


At a special “Lates” evening at the Science Museum dealing with contagious diseases in 21st Century, Rotary International featured with its major successes in the field of Polio Eradication.

As well as a large stand supported by District Governor Helen and volunteer Rotarians from several parts of Great Britain and Ireland, Rotarian Judith Diment(left), leader of the Rotary International Polio Advocacy Task Force, was given a one hour slot in the main lecture theatre.  She was supported by two broadcasters Konnie Huq (centre) and Julia Roberts (the dancer – not the film star!) who had contracted Polio Myelitis as a child. The Rotary International Great Britain and Ireland President Eve Conway and our past Rotary International Main Board Director Peter Offer were also in the audience.


The queue to enter the Science Museum stretched around the block, and the main galleries were packed with young professionals.  Many knew very little about polio and were amazed when told that Polio is only a plane ride away from our shores.  Those on the stand thought that this was a really worthwhile effort in the week of World Polio Eradication Day.