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Scholars Christmas Dinner

The Rotary Foundation Scholars currently studying in London were invited to a traditional Fish and Chip Supper at our District Headquarters in York Gate on Friday 08 December 2017.  This event has been taking place each year for many years now and is another opportunity for the Scholars to meet up once again with their Counsellors.

The Fish and Chips were enjoyed by all those present at the event,  and it also gave Scholars Coordinator Grahame a chance to invite the scholars to the coming events over the Christmas season.

The scholars then ‘took over’ offering insights into how Christmas and the New Year are celebrated in their own countries.  There are so many differences around the world, and more than a few surprises too!

Some of the scholars depart for destinations overseas in the coming week, some will be staying in London over the holiday.  The Rotarians wish all the scholars a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Scholars arrive in London

Each year, District 1130 – Rotary in London – hosts more scholars than any other District, because of the draw that the University of London represents. This year we are hosting 31 Scholars in our District and even that was not enough to fulfil the demand.  This year we are working with the next door District – D-1260 – who will be hosting four ‘overflow’ scholars studying at the University of London.

The group met for the first time on Sunday 01 October 2017, where there was a briefing on living and travelling around London, complete with information on reduced fares for students, how to stay safe and within budget, and the benefits of regular visits to Rotary Clubs!

The students’ number one priority is their studies however, and DG Michael Hodge provided useful hints on coping with reading lists.

We wish all the scholars a most successful year, and look forward to meeting them all again at the District Conference later this month.

Scholars’ Super Supper

Despite forthcoming examinations, seminars, tutorials and lectures, some 20+ Rotary Global Grant Scholars were hosted at Radlett Cricket Club by President David Rose and the Rotarians in the Rotary Club of Radlett on Monday 13 February 2017.

Despite falling temperatures and a nearly-full moon, the scholars that had managed to get time off attended this annual event in Hertfordshire. With scholars from Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, the USA and several other countries besides, each of the scholars was welcomed in their own language (or a very close approximation) by the Club Host Nigel Rogers.

District Governor Helen attended the event as did District Governor Elect Mike, with RIBI President 2018-19 Debbie.  Helen thanked the Rotary Club of Radlett for hosting the event, the Scholars for making the journey out of London, and the Rotary Foundation for its continued work in supporting Rotary International’s postgraduate scholarship programme for the last 60 years.

The Name is Rotary INTERNATIONAL!


District Governor Helen made a ‘Virtual Visit’ to the Rotary Club of London Centenary, the Rotary e-Club that is based in our District.  With a little help from a laptop computer, Helen was able to meet and discuss Rotary with members in England, and in alphabetical order Cyprus, France, Germany, Holland, India and Zimbabwe!

After giving her inspiring address to the Club, there were questions on a Youth Programme for youngsters in Uttar Pradesh to work jointly with Rotarians in London, the availability of District Assembly training sessions to e-Club Rotarians, developing the use of Rotary Ideas with a PayPal Account, and developing the Communications network within the District.

With the Rotarians in central London shown above was the Rotary Global Scholar, Jeremy, who is being hosted in London by the e-Club.

The meeting lasted just one hour, but a lot of Rotary was done, and new friendships were forged. With just one meeting shared by Rotarians in seven countries, e-Clubs may have a key role to fulfil in the future of Rotary.   What better example can there be of “Rotary Serving Humanity”?

Scholars Settle In

scholarsToday, Sunday 02 October 2016, an all day event was held at District Headquarters in central London for more than 35 students studying in London on a Global Grant Scholarship.

After an ice-breaker to get to know each other,  and a few photographs for the Scholars Brochure, it was time for lunch.  Lunch was organised by a Rotarian in London with a catering business, and then it was back to the main room for more presentations.

The main purpose of the event was to introduce the scholars to life in London, our transport system, our websites, and a little of our history and culture.  The whole event was supported by our neighbouring District, District 1260 from Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire which helps London out when there are too many scholars for the London Clubs to support.

All the scholars had a chance to talk with District Governor Helen who came to support the District Team.


There are four exceptional young people eager to study in London this coming Autumn that I so far have been unable to place.  It would be a shame if District 1130 could not find host clubs and counsellors for them.  The scholars, too, will be most disappointed, having gone through a rigorous programme of selection, if I have to tell them we cannot take them.  The Foundation Committee would hate to let them down.

Please let me know if you are willing to host a scholar as soon as possible as the deadline is fast approaching.

P.S. – Stella has just had to disappoint another scholar who hoped to come to London as we cannot provide a counsellor – Brian

Host a Global Scholar in 2012-2013

I need your help!  In spite of the fact that District 1130 is still involved with our current scholars, I am already receiving requests for host clubs for Global Scholars for the next academic year. (Ambassadorial scholar requests will also be arriving soon, but the Global Scholars process is more urgent.).  When the sponsor clubs/districts apply for funding for a scholar they should have already identified a club in the hosting district and a ‘committee’ of three club members, including the counsellor.  I will have no way of knowing at this stage, how many scholars will apply and how many will be accepted, but I do need to have a list of potential host clubs at my fingertips.


Please will you contact me if your club is willing to host a global scholar, and send me the names of your team plus e-mail addresses and their club office if applicable as soon as possible.  Any club not allocated a global scholar will be added to the list for ambassadorial scholars.


I realise there may be some problem with regard to bookings for the District Conference at Warner’s as non-refundable deposits are expected and bookings need to be confirmed earlier than usually expected at Eastbourne.  I have asked for advice from the Conference Chairman, and will send information as and when I receive it.


Thank you to all for your support for this year’s scholars From their reports they are extremely indebted to our district for the guidance, hospitality and help they have experienced so far.  Don’t forget, many are still keen to visit the clubs.  If your club has not had the pleasure of hearing at least one of them, please encourage your programme chair to send an invitation.

Stella Russell, Foundation Scholars Coordinator