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Rotary Commonwealth Peace Envoy (RCPE)

Promoting Peace is one of the significant initiatives that Rotary has been pursuing over the
years. Rotarians in London and the Commonwealth Secretariat have come together to form
the RCPE Committee in order to collaborate in promoting peace as follows:

  • Collectively, the committee knows of a number of potential Rotarians who are diplomats
    or who are working for International Organisations and who have vast experience in
    peace promotion initiatives based on their programme of work in various fields.
  •  The committee will aim to draw upon the expertise and experience of these diplomats to
    voluntarily train and support RCPEs. However, the RCPE Committee will sensitively
    manage the use of serving diplomats as diplomats have to abide by their respective
    governmental protocols.

The RCPE initiative will also focus on the following aims:

  •  Raise public awareness of Rotary and the Commonwealth;
  •  Increase sustainable service focused on programs and activities that support youth and
    young leaders;
  •  Increase Rotary membership through outreach to recently retired and young
  •  Increase overall member retention by improving member engagement and club health;
  •  Promote activities and programmes that foster understanding and mutual respect as wellas seek to alleviate the underlying causes of conflict which includes poverty, inequality, ethnic tension, lack of access to education, and unequal distribution of resources;


Rotary Banner of Peace

Rotary International and the Mayor of Sofia plan to relaunch the “Banner of Peace” International Children’s Assembly (ICA) in 2018. It is envisaged that subsequent Assemblies will be hosted by other cities once every two years. A Children’s Peace Park will also be established in each of the hosting cities. District 1130 has begun discussions to host the ICA 2020 “Rotary Banner of Peace” in London, England.

The ICA “Rotary Banner of Peace” in Sofia, Bulgaria, will be held between 10th-17th of August 2018. This Assembly will bring together talented as well as disadvantaged children from all over the world and enable them to participate in a series of events that will promote peace and understanding as well as build lasting relationships. Full details of the events being planned for the Assembly in Sophia will be made available as soon as they have been finalised. Draft budgets together with an application for a Rotary Global Grant are being finalised for this event.

Peace Park : Pakistan-India Border

This Project entails the establishment of a Peace Park on the border between Lahore, Pakistan, and Amritsar, India. This idea is based on a Peace Park that was established by Rotarians on the Canada-USA border called the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park (WGIPP). This initiative will be spearheaded by a IPDG Kees van der Pol from District 5080 in Canada who is a Director of the WGIPP Association. IPDG Kees will be working in conjunction with DG nominee Tony Sharma of D1130 in London and other DGs from Pakistan and India who have expressed support for the Peace Park. Preliminary discussions have begun and more details will be available over the course of the next few months when various groups of Rotarians meet to take this initiative forward.

Stand for Peace

This initiative originated from the Pole for Peace – which is in effect a pole with messages of peace and can have flags and other symbols placed on it. The pole was found to be costly and the idea transformed to a cheaper Pipe for Peace. This has now evolved into a “Stand for Peace” which takes the form of a Post with four sides and carries messages of Peace and Goodwill. Rotary Clubs all over the world can purchase these poles and tailor the messages to meet local needs. A prototype of the “Stand for Peace” is currently being made and the plan is to make a flat pack version and ship this to clubs who can then reconstruct the stands quite easily. The cost of each “Stand for Peace” is envisaged at approximately £50 or less.

Peace Convoy

 This project entails driving a bus painted in Rotary colours, loaded with gifts, travelling from India to Hamburg in Germany, in time for the 2019 RI Convention which will be hosted in that city. The bus will be met at various border outposts along the way by Rotarians of the respective countries and taken to orphanages where gifts and essentials would be distributed. The bus is likely to pass through 42 countries and visit as many orphanages along the way.


Issue 1 - August 2017

ICA ROTARY Banner of Peace Project