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Scholars on Stage at Conference

The Rotary Global Grant Scholars from countries around the world were on stage at the District Conference in Bournemouth over the week end of 19-21 October 2018.

The highlights of their presentation included a song sung in Turkish, and a selection of Scottish airs and dances played on the bagpipes by a scholar from Canada!

Speakers at the event included three American speakers who had travelled to the event at their own expense, the President of Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland, and a most memorable turn by professional musician Bertie Pearce.

Musician and Radio Broadcaster comes to Conference


Musician and Radio Broadcaster, the Rev Richard Coles came to our conference in Eastbourne to deliver a ‘Compare and Contrast’ presentation on his work and life experience, and how Rotary had featured in it.

Starting with his education, and his ‘escape’ to London, he talked about how he entered the field of popular music and suddenly found fame.  He partook of all that fame had to offer, until the musical coaster ride came to a halt.  He then turned to religion and the church, where is initial musical education had taken place.  He progressed well in the church and was on a short list of an advantageous position in central London, but then changed direction, taking a ‘countryside’ position rather than the one offered in central London.

He then started to understand more about the strengths in a community, and how positive the effects from a local Rotary Club can be in a community.  After heaping praise on us for several minutes, he then read a short passage from his new book which he was promoting.

An effective and entertaining talk that helped us understand better how we can orchestrate the best in our communities.


Most of you will have heard of the scheme – Work for Purpose- whereby the Olympic Athletes Village cleaners, CleanEvent, wish to engage Rotarians to organise a volunteer workforce in exchange for the value of the work undertaken being paid to the respective Rotary clubs for their charitable funds.  I am pleased to let you know that the Rotarian who organised this for Rotary at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games and now works for CleanEvent, will be present at the District Conference in the House of Magic to be able to tell you what Rotary gained from it and how you can get involved. His name is John Panteli and for 15 years he was a member of the Rotary Club of Albert Park,Melbourne, Australia, before moving to work in the UAE. One thing that he stresses, this does not mean that Rotarians will personally have to undertake cleaning. For the most part, they will be directing the team of volunteers.

Do take this opportunity to talk to John. If you cannot get to see him at conference, he would be delighted to visit your club and talk to you. Please contact me for further details.

Clive Amos, Chairman District Olympics Committee

Calling all magicians…

Would the club that recently held a Tommy Cooper Tribute evening please contact District Conference Chairman Wally K. Daly.   He would also like to know of any amateur magicians in the district going to conference, plus any other Rotarian magicians in D1130 who fancy forming a not too strict ‘Magic Circle’ in the District. (If that’s a trade name it would become the “District 1130 Circle of Magic!”). e-mail Wally K

District Conference 2012 – Help choose a venue

Instead of presenting a conference venue for approval by District Council on a “take it or leave it basis” this year we have prepared various options for your consideration which are in the attached paper.  Please discuss it in your clubs and come to District Council 24th February, 2011 prepared to vote for that option which your members will support by their attendance. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Clive Amos.

Options for District Conference 2012 [PDF]