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(2017 Secretaries' District Assembly Session)

The materials used for the Secretaries' District Assembly Session on 27 April 2017 are now available.

Main Presentation (6 slides per page)

Compliance and Data Protection Presentation (6 slides per page)

Agenda for the Assembly

Ballots, Elections, Majorities and Notice Periods

Can RIBI Help Me?

Constitutional Documents for Rotary

Duties of the Club Secretary

Elections in a Rotary Club including a Cunning Plan

Minutes and how to take them

New Member Election Flowchart

New Member Proposal Form

New Member Sample 7-day Notice Letter

Processing Membership Enquiries and Leads

Rules on Attendance for the Rotary Club

Rules on Meetings for the Rotary Club

Rules on Membership for the Rotary Club

Running the Annual General Meeting

The Secretary's Rotary Year - month by month

Starting a Project on Rotary Ideas

What does the Secretary do at the different meetings?

Where can I find things about my job on the Internet?

Final Quiz and Feedback Form



Here, for the purposes of continuity, are the materials that were used for the 2016 Secretaries' Assembly:

     District Assembly Slides for Club Secretaries 2016 - PDF

     Rotary International Manual for Club Secretaries - PDF published March 2015

     Can RIBI Help Me? - PDF listing resources available from rotarygbi.org

     Combined Handout Document - PDF - some confidential items were handed out at the Assembly

     The Secretary's Planned Year 2016 - DOC - a Word document you can edit.