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Community and Vocational Projects

**UPDATE: Slides and information from the Community Assembly on Thurs 11 April 2013 **

Rotarians have put Service Above Self for more than a century. Through the Avenue of Community Service, Rotarians give back to the places they live in. The projects are as varied as the Rotary clubs that carry them out, but all address the needs of a particular group. Community Service When clubs complete effective service projects, they improve the community, bring people together, and reflect well on Rotary. When Rotary is viewed as a positive force in the community, its membership strengthens and grows, adding to the organization’s ability to serve worldwide.

RIBI Website has a listing of Opportunities to Serve summarised in presentation - follow link http://www.rotaryinlondon.org/docs/65cd13ec7a27fd7f2fc4d82adc020e52.ppt

Local or regional Rotary Volunteers

Through the Rotary Volunteers program, Rotarians and other service-minded people put their vocational skills to use by participating in hands-on projects. Chances are, your community has boundless opportunities for volunteer service. Consider mentoring children at a local school, participating in a neighborhood cleanup day, or helping establish a microcredit project. Rotary Volunteers are also involved internationally . Resilience For a number of years RIBI Districts and Clubs have provided valuable assistance to their communities following major emergencies and disasters. This response has often been based on local Rotarians having knowledge of local problems and being able to provide focused and timely assistance. In some cases the response has been in concert with Local Authority Emergency Planners, in others, it has been independent. RIBI has prepared a Project Sheet giving Guidelines for Rotary involvement in home based emergencies and disasters - Resilience. http://www.rotaryinlondon.org/docs/57d5b90e226d47300cc2550f962f20f5.doc

Rotary in London Community Services Newsletter

At our District Conference inEastbourne, there were 2 community projects in the House of Friendship that actively involved the Rotarians.

The first project was theTrussell Trust / Food Bank. As District community services chair I requested all the Rotarians attending the conference to donate one item of non perishablefood from the list that was given. This was the very first time that the food collectionwas done and once again Rotarians responded very generously and the totalamount that was donated was 155.90 kg. Well done and thank you everyone. If you would like to arrange aspeaker from the Trussell Trust, please contact Mark Elling on 01722 580177,www.trusselltrust.org

The second project was the StrokeAssociation. Rotarians visiting the stand in the House of Friendship were invited to have their blood pressure taken. Many Rotarians had their blood pressure checked and in some cases would be a life saving exercise. Charlotte Wahlich of the Stroke Association would be happy to arrange a speaker for your club. She works from Wednesday to Friday so do contact her on 020 7940 1347 or stoke.org.uk

Both the charities did anexcellent presentation at our District conference, explaining in great detail the good work they do to serve our communities.

Rotary's Greatest Meal

Read about the Rotary Greatest Meal project (PDF).

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