District Grants

Rotary Foundation District Grants are block grants made to districts to support smaller projects, both locally and internationally. Districts may use up to 50 percent of their available District Designated Fund (DDF) for these grants in a given Rotary year and administer the grant without the Foundation’s involvement. Example activities:

  • Exchanging of mixed profession vocational training teams with another district
  • Traveling internationally so that local doctors can volunteer at clinics in other countries
  • Giving students scholarships to attend local or international universities (traditional scholar)
  • Donating art supplies to assist youth after-school programs
  • Sending ShelterBox containers in response to natural disasters in other districts


Approximately £1000 is available in each of the eight areas in District 1130. This is slightly less than last year as the money available is always dependent on our Rotary Foundation contributions three years previously. In addition, each club is expected to provide at least half the cost of the project and the project need not be huge.

The projects in recent years were varied and applications were for varying amounts. Hopefully the details below will encourage you to consider and plan a project that could be supported by a District Grant.


Rotary Club of        Project Description       Beneficiaries      Impact on Community        
Westminster East Funds for a swimming
club for special needs
Pimlico Puffins Sustain Club’s longtime support
St Marylebone -equipment for a cycle
club which would 
provide vocational
-a training course to 
enable parents of
special needs children
to provide support
Part of St Marylebone
Community Project
in conjunction with 
Landmark Hotel in the
Church Street Ward of 
-Provide vocational
-Enable parents to
provide support
Edgware and Stanmore construction of a pond
as an educational 
resource for special 
needs children
Educational resource 
for special needs
Enables children to
study aspects of the
natural world in a safe 
Chigwell To provide a camera
security system for a
Home that provides 
short term respite care 
for dementia and brain 
injury individuals
Vitalise Respite Care
and the camera security
system will allow a 
sense of freedom whilst
Carers can ensure 
safety by remote means
Greenwich Help to procure a solar
fridge and equipment
for storage of snake 
venom antidote
General Hospital,
Kaltungo, Northern
To reduce fatalities from
poisonous snake bites
that are often fatal
Crystal Palace and
To provide kitchen
furniture in a Wellness
St Mungo’s, a
Homeless Centre
To give counselling and
help rebuild lives in the 
Ealing Funding to provide a
room and a teacher for
Ealing Dyslexia
To provide support for
adults battling dyslexia
Barkingside to help The Falconer
Trust to replace their
trailer for the collection
of clothes
The Falconer Trust Support the Trust
in their continuing 
effort to assist the diabled
Tower Hamlets To purchase further
equipment as part of 
their project to provide
a fire service for an 
Ethiopian village
Fire Rescue Service in
Asella – an Ethiopian
Help reduce the 
incidence of economic 
wipe out of families 
through fire mishaps
Tooting Buy equipment for the
Jalalabad Disabled 
Rehabilitation Centre in 
Jalalabad Disabled
Rehabilitation Centre
Enable rehabilitation
of people in dire need 
and empower them to 
make contributions to
the local economy


Clubs must be qualified having filled in a Memorandum of Understanding and having sent a representative to the Foundation Grants Management Seminar.

The application form for this year is available on the District Web-Site. If you wish to plan a project and it complies with the Foundation Mission Statement, do apply for a grant ensuring that your application is received by the Foundation Committee by 14 September, 2018. 

If your application is approved, it is submitted to Rotary Interational and money becomes available early in 2018 so that the club can go ahead with the project.