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Environmental Projects

There is now overwhelming scientific evidence that mankind is exploiting the natural resources of planet Earth at an unsustainable rate; in particular, carbon emissions from the fossil fuels are the primary cause of current global warming and ocean acidification. The poorest people on the planet will be least able to cope with the consequences. Rotarians across London are encouraged to... • promote involvement in Rotary Environment Day in 2011 (Sat 7th May 2011) • submit a project for the 2011 Rotary Environmental Awards from their District or one of their Clubs • plant a tree/trees locally. Clubs can also promote the cost effective Nidderdale tree planting scheme run by the Rotary Club of Harrogate. • encourage a 20% reduction of carbon emissions of Club and District travel activities, including conferences. (for example, phone-conferencing on a regular basis). Where emissions cannot be avoided, encourage Rotarians to use Rotary's carbon offsetting scheme (for more information, please visit www.co2offsettrust.org) • encourage Rotarians to click every day on www.therainforestsite.com. Since The Rainforest Site began in 2000, the protection and preservation of more than 41,000 acres of rainforest habitat has been funded completely free of charge by those that click on the donate button.

Environmental Projects around London

Working with London Wildlife Trust

LWT have nature reserves all over London and have been talking to Rotary in London about joint projects. They are looking for volunteers to join them at events and in Projects – see Projects listing - Rotary Clubs in North London helped the LWT Totteridge Fields nature reserve site with rebuilding a fence and tidying up the hedging – see Barnet Rotary Club website

Recycling Printer Cartridges

Printer Cartridge Recycling from home computers can be a good earner for charities – visit www.recyclingappeal.com where you can select a charity such as Macmillan Cancer Care or www.eachonecounts.co.uk where you can donate to British Heart Foundation at £1 per cartridge.

Recycling Plastic

Many are confused about which plastic can be recycled. This varies from one local authority to another, this plastic recycling information table helps to clarify the various types that can be recycled.

Other Environmental Projects

Many other Environmental Projects are carried out by the Rotary Clubs across London. Below as an example is picture of members of the Barnet Club who were working on a garden of remembrance at a roundabout where a past member was killed in a car accident.

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