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Rotary Dictionary 4 Life

The Dictionary 4 Life project is a free standing project working in association with the Rotary Club of Tooting (District 1130), Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland and Usborne Publishing Ltd. "By encouraging the intelligent and self guided, use of dictionaries, learners become more independent, and as teachers this is one of our core goals," "Use dictionaries efficiently to explore spellings, meanings, derivations eg: by using alphabetical order, abbreviations, definitions and understanding." The Dictionary 4 Life (UK edition) will help you promote Literacy and your club. It will help children develop their facility with the English language while you are supporting the Rotary International emphasis on Literacy. In Rotary years 2007-09 clubs donated over 120000 dictionaries mainly to year six Primary school children as leavers’ gifts to stimulate an interest in language, books and reading. The Organisation for Economic Development (OECD) defines functional literacy not as the ability to read and write but as “whether a person is able to understand and employ printed information in daily life, at home, at work and in the community”. 5.2million adults in the UK are functionally illiterate and are unlikely to be able to help their children with their homework.

Who is the Dictionary 4 Life aimed at?

Principally year six primary school leavers in most of RIBI and 10-12 year olds internationally.

How will it benefit a child?

By using dictionaries efficiently children explore spellings, meanings and derivations for example by using alphabetical order, abbreviations and definitions with understanding. One of the most positive aspects of being able to use a dictionary is that it helps to develop autonomy and confidence in the learner — one of the core goals of education. It promotes books and the printed word. It will be a “possession” for the child. It will enable both first and second language users to extend and improve the accuracy of their vocabulary. It should help children with their homework in secondary education. In some homes it may also form a reference work for all the family.

How will it promote Rotary and the Rotary Club?

The dictionary has a space for the child’s name on the inside cover in the Rotary information panel. It is a highly visible promotion for Rotary and your club by you adding a club sticker in the space provided. The book will go with the child into Secondary education. Ask your local schools if they would like Year six children to receive a gift of the Dictionary 4 Life.

What is the cost?

UK Standard edition dictionaries are £3.50 each including delivery to a single address. They will be delivered in cartons of EIGHT copies @ £28.00 per carton. In RIBI the minimum order is for cartons (32 copies for £112.00). This is a typical class size. Internationally a minimum district order for the UK Standard edition is 125 cartons = 1000 dictionaries.

An order for the identical content International Low Cost Developing World - LCDW - edition (paperback) is a minimum order of 100 cartons of 10 books = 1000 books at £2.50 per copy (not available in western developed countries for use in those countries). International orders for the minimum quantities are delivered free to the agreed nearest seaport on main routes from Dubai where the books are printed.The recipient is responsible for all charges, collection, clearance and onward delivery.

What is it?

The Usborne Illustrated UK Standard edition Dictionary 4 Life comprises 1,000 illustrations, 10,000 entries and 20,000 definitions printed in full colour on leaflet grade paper from a sustainable forest and contains 288 pages. Dimensions 170mm x 240mm. Weight 1 .2kg. The International Low Cost Developing World - LCDW- edition (paperback) has the same content but is printed on lower weight paper and weighs 62kgs). Orders for minimum numbers are delivered free to the nearest seaport on routes from Dubai

What are the contents?

It has a user’s guide, parts of speech, writing English hints, English Today and a history of our language and recommended web sites. It includes the vocabulary of the Internet age. All the ‘rude’ words have been removed from the dictionary!

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Rotary in London Dictionary 4 Life Contact

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